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Injectable alternative to get rid of fat under the chin

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beautiful skin careGetting invasive surgery to get rid of fat under the chin has been the go-to procedure, but there is new research for an injectable that can do the same. Getting rid of fat under the chin can be challenging even with the help of diet and exercise. With more research, this new injectable drug can aid in getting rid of chin fat.

New discoveries in cosmetic surgery

If this new injectable drug is approved, this could “offer physicians and their patients a non-surgical option to eliminate fat under the chin, resulting in a thinner and more contoured profile and jawline.” With the research trials, they found that 68.2 percent of subject improvement “of at least one grade from baseline on clinician and patient reported rating scales.” There were other findings such as 80 percent of subjects treated had “at least a one grade improvement in the clinician submental fat ratings regardless of age, gender, race, BMI, Fitzpatrick skin type, and baseline severity.” Those treated with the drug that helps reduce chin fat, ATX-101, noticed an overall improvement with a “thinner and more youthful” looking chin. ATX-101 is formulated from a “purified synthetic version of a naturally occurring molecule that aids in the breakdown of dietary fat.” How it works is it gets injected into subcutaneous fat and “contours the area under the chin by destroying fat cells while leaving surrounding tissue largely unaffected.”

Improvements in plastic surgery

logo (1)The above article is a good example of the improvements made in cosmetic medicine and Plastic Surgery Procedures. It is always hopeful for research to make plastic surgery easier and less painful for patients. At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, we have all sorts of plastic surgery options to suit different needs. If you want to discuss your plastic surgery needs, contact Dr. Angelchik’s office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Obsession with the Ken doll look almost cost patient his life

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Rodrigo Alves, 30, from Brazil is obsessed with looking like a Ken doll. It took him almost a decade and around $167,000 US dollars worth of Cosmetic Procedures to look like the iconic doll. His goal to look like a Ken doll stems from an addiction to cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery almost took his life

Alves has said that he is happy with the way he looks from the procedures despite his addiction to cosmetic surgery. He says strangers would compliment him on his looks and compare him to a Ken doll. His obsession with his looks could stem from childhood as he never felt secure with his physical appearance back then. He would say that “my nose was too big and my lips too small. My classmates teased me constantly and even my family made jokes, saying none of our relatives had a nose as big as me.” In 2004, he moved to London and had his first cosmetic surgery procedure, a nose job. He was so happy with the results that he continued to get more procedures, which resulted in 20 total. The additional procedures included “two more nose jobs, chin and calf reshaping, liposuction, tricep fillers, implants in his pecs and surgery to ‘create’ a six-pack.” He also gets non-surgical treatments such as Botox, filers, collagen tablets, anti-water retention and hair growth tablets. Alves has been diagnosed with body dysmorphia and his last operation in January almost cost him his life. It was due to wanting to try a new gel filler on a whim and getting a bacterial infection from it. He spent three and a half weeks in a hospital and if the bacteria had reached his heart he would have died. His family wants him to stop with the surgeries after that incident and Alves says that he has refrained for a while, but it is never say never for him.

Plastic surgery should not be done on a whim

logo (1)The article above is an example of someone going too extreme with plastic surgery. The part where he almost lost his life from his last procedure shows the dangers of getting plastic surgery “on a whim.” At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, we make sure every patient we consult for plastic surgery is a good candidate. It is also important for a patient to disclose any medical or mental health history before moving forward with a procedure. If you want to know if plastic surgery is right for you, contact Dr. Angelchik’s office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Predicting trends for implants

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Implants have been an integral part of the plastic surgery field, but researchers are finding a decline for certain implants this year. Although the demand for implants for breast augmentation is still growing, there is a prediction that other types of implants for facial and body contouring in the U.S. market will decline. One of the reasons for the decline is patients preferring fillers and fat transfer.

Plastic surgery predictions

Fillers and fat transfer, for face and body contouring, in plastic surgery is more desirable than implants due to a more natural result, while implants tend to be invasive and permanent. Also, the trend analysts have hypothesized that “negative press may also deter some patients from specific procedures even though they may be well regulated.” Furthermore, the research group says that the press tend to confuse implants with other types of procedures. An example could be buttock implants and how it tends to be “limited by negative press coverage of other augmentation procedures, particularly gluteal augmentations with unapproved materials.” The research group goes further on to say that the press’ focus on illegal cosmetic activity adds to apprehension towards implants. There were other findings such as:

  • While face and body implants are on a similar decline, dermal fillers have become the preferred procedure for areas of the face such as lips and fat transfer for certain body parts such as the buttock area.
  • “More than 90 percent of implant revenues, excluding breast, are generated by well-established facial implant category.”
  • Implants for the chin and jaw area will grow as there is no alternative.
  • “Implant-related complications, including capsular contracture, malposition, displacement and palpability, create dissatisfied patients, which in turn, make implants undesirable for physicians.”

Cosmetic surgery options should be researched

logo (1)The article above shows that some cosmetic surgery information can be misleading. At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, each consultation consists of careful explanation and discussing what cosmetic surgery options are best for a patient. If you want to know what cosmetic surgery procedure best suits you, contact Dr. Angelchik’s office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Doctors in UK want patients to be realistic about cosmetic surgery

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doctor photoThere is a rising number of young people in the UK getting cosmetic surgery and it is concerning doctors. Britain’s NHS advises “that cosmetic surgery and procedures are a ‘major decision’ and suggests that anyone considering them should talk to their GP.” If the decision is made to have cosmetic surgery it is suggested to do some thorough research.

Decision making in plastic surgery

It is recommended that patients research the Cosmetic Procedures they are interested in and it is also helpful for the patient to show an example photo of what the aesthetic goal is to the doctor. While a photo can be helpful, doctors want patients to have a “realistic idea” of what the results should be. During the consultation process, patients should know what goes on in the procedure and what problems and complications can possibly arise. A good surgeon should not immediately say yes to a potential patient during the consultation, there should be some sort of “psychological appraisal” first. A patient has to look out for warning signs if the doctor is pressuring the patient to go ahead with the surgery or adding additional procedures. When choosing the right surgeon, make sure he or she is highly recommended and has the right accreditations. Since there isn’t much regulation in the UK, patients should avoid “relying on glossy advertisements or social media to find a clinic or a surgeon.” If something does go wrong, take it up with the surgeon or practitioner who performed the procedure.

Do your homework when choosing a plastic surgeon

logo (1)This above article shows that it is important to do thorough research when choosing a plastic surgeon. At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, he is the accredited and reputable plastic surgeon who can listen to your wants and concerns and give expert advice. If you want to talk to a plastic surgeon like Dr. Angelchik, contact his office to schedule a consultation.

Designer feet is a procedure to achieve pretty feet

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CT  061511-HEALTH sc-health-0615-how-to-skin-self-exam MJWAnother rising trend in plastic surgery is getting “designer feet.” The point of this procedure is for women to be able to fit into designer heels that are made on the narrower side. It serves as a function just as much as an aesthetic reason to achieve “designer feet for designer shoes.”

Plastic surgery to fit into nice shoes

One New York based surgeon has had patients tell him the main reason they seek out this type of procedure is “their inability to wear high-end heels.” There are nicknames for certain procedures, “such as the ‘Cinderella,’ a surgery that removes bunions, the ‘Perfect 10’ shortens toes, the ‘Model T’ lengthens them, and the ‘Foot Tuck,’ a fat-pad augmentation that helps with high heels.” But, there are certain foot procedures that doctors would refuse such as toe liposuction or removing a toe to make the foot fit into narrower heels. There are also non-surgical options such as “plasma therapy, stem-cell injections, injectable fillers for built-in foot cushioning, and foot exercises.” Also, if one particular designer designs heels on the narrow side, there are plenty of alternative high-end brands that have wider fits. Usually plastic surgery is utilized to fix signs of aging or do some refinement, but plastic surgery for the feet is more like fixing a “fashion problem.” Some believe that instead of going under the knife that designers offer more wider shoe options.

The many options of cosmetic surgery

logo (1)The article above just shows how many options there are for cosmetic surgery, no matter how unusual a procedure can be. Cosmetic surgery can be used for positive changes, but there is a fine line of going too far. At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, we have many cosmetic surgery procedures offered to suit many expectations. If you want to discuss cosmetic surgery with Dr. Angelchik, contact his office to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Man able to father child after penile reconstructive surgery

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A man named Mike Moore from Mississippi was able to father a son after having penile reconstructive surgery seven years ago. Moore considers his new child a “miracle” and went back to visit the doctor, who performed the reconstructive surgery, for a reunion and introduce the doctor to his new son. Moore has said that he wants his reconstructive surgery story heard to bring people hope.

Plastic surgery gives Moore new lease on life

When Moore was seven years old, doctors discovered “an infection that prevented him from urinating properly.” Doctors performed a circumcision on him but it was a botched procedure leading to another spread of infection; thus, doctors having to amputate. Moore went on to live “without normal anatomy” for years and made him go into deep depression. It wasn’t until seven years ago that he met a renowned reconstructive surgeon at Stanford Medical Center. Moore has had surgery attempts for reconstruction, but they have failed. His last hope was meeting with Dr. Lee, the doctor specializing in reconstructive plastic surgery at Stanford Medical Center. It was Moore’s uncle who first notified him about Dr. Lee’s work when his uncle saw Dr. Lee on the news. Moore’s last hope turned out to be a success. Dr. Lee was able to reconstruct a functioning penis using tissue from Moore’s thigh. In 2013, his son, Memphis, was born. Moore has considered his son a symbol of his hope and wants his story to be something that “will give hope to others who have abandoned faith that their lives could ever be ‘normal.’”

Positive changes with cosmetic surgery

logo (1)The story above shows that Plastic Surgery Procedures can help improve lives and functions of certain body parts. At Dr. Angelchik’s practice we offer many cosmetic surgery services that are sure to help you feel great about the aesthetic result. If you want to discuss cosmetic surgery procedures, contact Dr. Angelchik’s office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Cyber hackers infiltrate cosmetic surgery clinic

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judgeA cosmetic surgery firm in the UK was recently a victim of a cyber-hacker. The cyber-hacker managed to obtain 480,000 potential patients’ information and use it as leverage to extort money from the cosmetic surgery firm. The firm believes the hacker managed to obtain their information by the online forms that potential patients send in.

Hacker obtained information through plastic surgery inquiry forms

The chairman of the plastic surgery firm issued a statement regarding the cyber breach:

“We recently became aware that an unknown individual had deliberately bypassed our website security, gaining access to information from initial website enquiries in an attempt to extort money from the company.”

The hacker was able to make off with “potential clients’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and addresses,” but the firm has made it clear that medical and financial information were not accessed. The plastic surgery firm did not give into the hacker’s demands, instead they contacted the police. The plastic surgery firm has since upgraded their online security systems and apologized to customers. Their spokesperson has said:

“The police and the information commissioner were notified and we contacted everyone whose inquiry may have been accessed to apologize and to reassure them that all clinical and financial records remain totally secure. We have taken action to further strengthen the security around website inquiries.”

Dr. Angelchik can handle all cosmetic procedures confidentially

logo (1)The article above shows the importance of doctor and patient confidentiality and Dr. Angelchik offers just that. Talking about any medical or cosmetic procedure is a sensitive issue and Dr. Angelchik is sure to put your mind at ease when discussing any procedure during a consultation. If you want to talk about how to fight wrinkles or get a dream body shape, contact Dr. Angelchik to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Men seeking plastic surgery increasing

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Plastic surgery patients are mostly comprised of women, but there are a growing number of men seeking out some procedures. The rising trend can be mainly due to “the fading of the cultural taboo that used to surround men receiving cosmetic procedures.” While it is not new that women have been feeling the pressure to look young and beautiful, the pressure has been lately creeping up on the modern men as well and in turn seek plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery for men

The percentage of men seeking cosmetic surgery rose by 106% between 1997 and 2012. There are plenty of reasons why more men are seeking Plastic Surgery Procedures. One of the reasons could be getting a leg up in the job market and it “may rest on the 2008 financial recession during which time many men had to rethink their images.” There is a procedure called the “Forbes facelift” which is a combination of the eyelift, jawline contouring and neck lift. Other procedures male patients are seeking out include liposuction, body contouring, ear shaping, gynescomastia, and laser hair removal. Some plastic surgeons even have nicknames for certain groups of men who seek out cosmetic procedures. This first type is the “male model” who wants to “accentuate the pectoral and abdominal areas, as well as jawline augmentation and gluteal implants.” The second type is the “body builder” and this type of patient usually seeks out a more muscular look. The third is “CEO or Board Member” and they are usually in a good place career-wise but want to look more youthful. The fourth is “athletic dad” and this type of patient usually gets jawline contouring, liposuction and eyelid lift.

Get a procedure done with Dr. Angelchik

logo (1)Regardless if you are a male or a female, Dr. Angelchik is sure to handle your request with expertise. From the consultation to the procedure, Dr. Angelchik and his team will make sure it goes smoothly. If you want to talk to Dr. Angelchik about a procedure, contact his office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Mother-daughter plastic surgery duo trend is rising

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When considering plastic surgery, it is always helpful to have a support system to make it an easy process. Lately, some plastic surgery clinics have been noticing mother-daughter pairs and “choose to undergo self-improvement together.” This mutual support not only gives the mother-daughter duo aesthetic improvement, it also strengthens a bond in the relationship.

Mommy and me cosmetic surgery

Even though a mom and daughter duo would go in for a cosmetic surgery consultation together, that does not mean they would want identical Plastic Surgery Procedures. It can mean the daughter would choose breast augmentation while the mom would choose a breast lift. It is not at all about looking identical, but having each other’s backs when wanting to look better. A mother and daughter going in for a joint consultation together may seem unusual, but “it’s not rare for a patient to seek out a partner when undergoing plastic surgery.” Also, the American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has reported “a significant rise in the trend of plastic surgery in pairs, which includes mothers and daughters.” There are many reasons why mother-daughter duos decide to undergo cosmetic surgery together. Sometimes an upcoming wedding plays a big factor and it would help to look good in photos, but other times there is no special occasion at all and they just want to look good. Also, they know that hereditary comes into play when it comes to looks and they want to correct something (i.e. nose shape or puffy eyeslids).

Dr. Angelchik can help patients of a wide age range

logo (1)Surgeons like Dr. Angelchik can help patients in a wide range of ages. Even if couples come in for a consultation, the ultimate goal is to get the best individual results. If you want to speak to Dr. Angelchik about a procedure, contact his office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Strange Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery has come a long way and with new advancements coming out, it seems procedures are getting more accessible and giving better results. But, there are some alternative Cosmetic Procedures that can be a little too out there for the mainstream population. Below is a list of cosmetic surgery procedures that are just strange.

Unusual Plastic Surgery

  1. Elf ears: This procedure is for those who want an elf-like appearance. The result is pointed ears that resemble a fantasy character.
  2. Foot Fillers: This is popular with women over 40 and involves injecting Botox in the balls of the feet. The reason is the balls of the feet lose cushioning over age and Botox injections restores that; thus, makes it easier to wear heels again.
  3. Transplants for eyelashes and brows: Sparse eyebrows and eyelashes can be fixed with a strip of hair taken from the back of the patient’s scalp and “the individual follicles removed, with the new hair transplanted” into eyelashes and eyebrows.
  4. Bra line back lift: This is to specifically remove fat rolls on the back caused by bras. The scar is hidden when a bra is worn.
  5. Foot facelifts: The foot facelift involves slimming down the toes or shortening them and making the feet narrower in order to fit into designer shoes that are made on the small side.
  6. Umbilicoplasty: A belly button surgery that alters the appearance of the belly button by “slicing away the extra bit of the navel.”
  7. Sideburns transplant: Like the eyebrow and eyelash transplant, this is for men who cannot grow prominent sideburns.

Dr. Angelchik can offer his aesthetic expertise

logo (1)If you want a more refined look, Dr. Angelchik can help you out. He has all sorts of Plastic Surgery Procedures such as Botox to breast augmentation to body contouring. If you want to see Dr. Angelchik about a procedure, call his office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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