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Infections from Fillers

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botoxREX2504_228x301Fillers are commonly used to smooth out wrinkles or create fuller lips, but Injectable Fillers do pose a risk for side effects. One of the side effects is the form of subcutaneous lumps “that are difficult to treat and which – in isolated cases – have led to lesions that simply will not heal.” Recent research by the University of Copenhagen found that this type of side effect in fillers is caused by bacterial infections.

Fillers for Cosmetic Procedures

What was once for only trauma treatment, fillers have made its way to the cosmetic field. It was previously believed that the side effect of subcutaneous lumps was from an “auto-immune or allergic reaction to the gel injected,” but it is actually “due to bacteria injected in connection with the cosmetic procedure.” Also, the fillers “act as incubators for infection, and all it takes is as few as ten bacteria to create an ugly lesion and a tough film of bacterial material known as biofilm.” Biofilm is impossible to treat because it is resistant to antibiotics. Some cosmetics practitioners refuse to acknowledge that the side effects are caused by bacteria and stand by the belief that it is an allergic reaction and will still treat the side effect with steroids; which is the “worst possible treatment because steroid injections exacerbate the condition and give the bacteria free rein.” But, the filler manufacturers have accepted that the filler can act as a bacteria incubator. With this acknowledgement, good hygiene and awareness has become important. It is recommended that patients keep skin makeup free a month before the procedure and researchers are suggesting “injecting antibiotics together with the filler itself during the cosmetic treatment process.”

Being Careful with Beauty Treatments

Whether it is a simple beauty treatment or an under the knife procedure, you can never be too cautious when going through with it. At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, they always do a thorough consultation with each patient to make sure each patient qualifies for which ever procedure is requested. Also, Dr. Angelchik still has his Spring Special on Restylane at $475 per 1ml syringe. So, take advantage of this beauty treatment in expert hands.

Celebrity Face Swap

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With news and social media inundating the masses with celebrity gossip and fashions, it is inevitable that those who catch up with a certain celebrity might want to emulate what the celebrity has. There are those who admire a celebrity so much that he or she would resort to plastic surgery to get the admired celebrity features.

Resorting to Plastic Surgery

Back then, those who got celebrity inspired plastic surgery only took physical attributes to consideration. Now, some take personality and charisma of a celebrity as inspiration. A woman named Kitty recently underwent six plastic surgeries to look like Jennifer Lawrence. Kitty not only thinks the actress is beautiful, she is also drawn to her “spunky and fun” personality. The six procedures that Kitty went through were liposuction for her face and body, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and fat grafts to her buttocks and cheeks. These days it takes more than just a star’s physical attributes to inspire a plastic surgery change; it is a combination of “personality, good looks and self-empowerment.” But, wanting certain features of a celebrity is not always a guarantee. The plastic surgeon who has worked on Kitty has said that he has evaluated “14 to 15,000 new consultants” and he could “tell very quickly within a matter of a minute if the patient is well adjusted or not well adjusted for whatever the procedure they might present.” Kitty was able to qualify getting the Plastic Surgery Procedures since she resembles the actress in a less refined way and has a logical standpoint on getting the procedures.

Using Cosmetic Surgery as Refinement

While it is understandable to want a feature(s) like a favorite celebrity, there are things to take into consideration like how realistic are the expectations and can the end result be achieved with Cosmetic Procedures? At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, he offers free in-person consultations that allow a potential patient an opportunity to asks questions and learn about the risks. Also, as a reminder, his practice is offering a Spring Specials deal of 10% off surgeon’s fee for a cosmetic surgery/procedure until April 30, 2014.

Beard Transplants on the Rise Because of Hipsters

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In New York, hipsters in Brooklyn are getting beard transplants to keep up with the full beard trend. The procedure allows men, who cannot grow a thick, full beard on their own, be able to grow a beard that is less patchy and thin. Local New York plastic surgeons have said that requests for beard transplants have grown in the recent months.

Facial Hair Transplant Getting Trendy

The average cost of a facial hair transplant is around $8,500. The procedure involves taking hair from other parts of the patients’ body such as the scalp or chest and transplanting the donor hair to the face. Some New York plastic surgeons are doing two or three facial hair transplant procedures a week as compared to just a “handful each year a couple of years ago.” The New York plastic surgeons get this type of request mostly from Brooklyn residents, especially from Williamsburg, Bushwick and Park Slope. The full beard trend rose due to the help of hipsters and a beard is “a masculine look” and an “important male identifier.” The procedure is also popular amongst female-to-male transgenders, Hasidic Jews and males who are not that hairy. Some do it to either feel younger or look older. The results are totally natural and can be shaved and grown back like a natural beard.

Cosmetic Surgery to Keep Up with Trends

logo (1)There are times when an individual seeks cosmetic surgery that may seem unusual to the masses, but it is okay if it makes the individual happy. At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, the cosmetic surgery procedures offered are more traditional, but it is done with expert hands and reputable experience. Speaking of which, the last day for Dr. Angelchik’s New Year’s special offer is today (February 28) and Jana Dreebin’s extended office hours are held tomorrow (March 1). If you want a cosmetic surgery procedure done, contact Dr. Angelchik’s office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Minors No Longer Allowed Plastic Surgery in Taiwan

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child with big ears #2

Effective immediately, the country of Taiwan has banned any “medically unnecessary” plastic surgery performed on minors under the age of 18. The reason for this ban is to help protect beauty obsessed teens from getting procedures without thinking about the health risks. While the plastic surgery ban on minors has noble intentions, skeptics are afraid that minors can still maneuver around the ban with something as simple as lying about their age.

No Cosmetic Surgery for Minors

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has announced that doctors in Taiwan are no longer allowed to perform Cosmetic Procedures such as nose jobs, breast augmentation or the popular double eyelid surgery that makes eyes look bigger. Any doctors who do not comply with the new law face a fine of up to TW$500,000 or roughly $16,500 USD and “a year’s suspension if found in violation of the new rule” and risk losing their license altogether. Taiwan used to allow minors to receive cosmetic surgery under the permission of their parents or legal guardian before the ban. But, some say the ban would not detract those who still want the surgery and can lie about their age to get the procedure. Officials say this ban is necessary as “invasive procedures are not good for youngsters who are still growing.” The ban was enacted due to reports of children as young as nine years old getting procedures with unsuccessful results.

Seek a Plastic Surgeon Responsibly

The story above takes place half way around the world, but the debate on minors getting Plastic Surgery Procedures hits close to home. Some minors in the U.S. seek plastic surgery to stop bullying or heighten self-esteem, but it should be done with careful consideration. Those who seek a plastic surgeon should know the possible risks when considering cosmetic surgery. If you are seeking a reputable plastic surgeon, contact Dr. Angelchik to see if a procedure you are seeking is right for you.

Plastic Surgery for Necks and Buttocks Growing

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New statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that plastic surgery for the neck and buttock area is on the rise. Along with those procedures, eyelid and facelifts are up. The possible main reason for the spike in plastic surgery performed is better technology and products available.

Increase for Cosmetic Surgery

In 2013, there were more than “15 million cosmetic surgeries and minimally invasive procedures” performed, which was a three percent increase from the previous year. Rhinoplasty, liposuction and laser hair removal met a decline, but reconstructive surgeries increased by 2 percent in 2013 from the previous year. The contribution for the increase of Plastic Surgery Procedures in 2013 is “better technology and new products, including a facial filler that uses hyaluronic acid to treat mid-face volume loss as well as two types of silicone gel breast implants recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.” Facial rejuvenation has seen a boom in 2013 with “more Americans opting for facelifts, forehead lifts, eyelid surgery, fillers and peels.” The minimally invasive procedures that saw an increase in 2013 was Botox, soft tissue fillers and chemical peels. The two new Cosmetic Procedures that are on the rise are buttock augmentation and neck lifts. Buttock augmentation saw a 16 percent increase in 2013 while neck lifts were up by six percent.

Seek a Reputable Plastic Surgeon for Your Needs

logo (1)At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, we offer a wide variety of procedures that are sure to help you get the face or body you desire. We still have our New Year’s specials going on until February 28 and, also, our very own Jana Dreebin has extended office hours on March 1 (great for those who cannot make it to her regular office hours) for facial rejuvenation procedures. If you want to talk to a reputable plastic surgeon, contact Dr. Angelchik’s office to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Free Plastic Surgery for Bullied Teen

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A student named Renata (last name withheld) from South Carolina received free plastic surgery from the organization, The Little Baby Face Foundation. The organization is known for offering free plastic surgery to qualified children ages 0 to 21. This is not about a quick way to solve a bigger problem, but about how one girl’s personal account on how plastic surgery gave her a new lease on life.

Cosmetic Surgery Changed Her Life

When Renata was 15, she suffered from taunts and name calling from bullies. It got so bad that she did not want to leave the house. Her mother, Michelle, tried to help with allowing Renata home schooling and counseling, but it did not help. Then they turned to The Little Baby Face Foundation for help and it was a life changer. The organization can perform Plastic Surgery Procedures on any form of facial deformities on eligible children free of charge. For Renata, they diagnosed her with a “mild to moderate hemi-facial microsomia – her nose, cheekbone and chin bone were smaller on one side.” Renata’s cosmetic surgery decision was not taken lightly, but her mother has said that “something needed to be done for this kid or she is heading for anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies.” But, Michelle ultimately left the decision solely on her daughter and Renata really wanted it to happen. It has been almost a year since Renata had the surgery and she is now back in school, plays on the basketball team and attends teen social events twice a week.

Seeking a Plastic Surgeon Who Can Change Your Life?

logo (1)At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, we have a talented plastic surgeon who can give you the change you want. Whether you want to improve your facial structure or the shape of your body with Cosmetic Procedures, he can help. Also, we want to remind those who are still interested that our New Year’s special ends this Friday, February 28. If you are seeking an expert plastic surgeon, contact Dr. Angelchik’s office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

New Device That Closes Up Wounds After Nasal Surgery

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The University of Colorado is helping with the development of a laser device that can close up wounds during nasal surgery. This new technology can enable surgeons to close up wounds without the use of staples and sutures. The laser technology is meant to help with septoplasty and rhinoplasty nasal surgery.

Making Medical and Cosmetic Surgery Easier

Two of the most common Types of Nasal Surgery are septoplasty, the repairing of a deviated or deformed septum, and rhinoplasty, a cosmetic nasal surgery. When these types of surgeries are done, the wounds are usually closed up by staples, sutures or intranasal packing. These types of closures have the potential risk of needles breaking, bleeding and discomfort for the patient. Other potential side effects are infection and scarring. This new innovation with the laser technology can close tissue together, but “have not been widely used in this capacity due to the complexity of the laser (different parameters for different tissues) and the exceptional surgical skill required to use them.” Currently, a research and development team at the University of Colorado has “developed a laser-based device for closing wounds during nasal surgery that circumvents these technical hurdles.” Also, the device is designed for easy and faster use for surgeons performing septoplasty or rhinoplasty. The device also helps with faster Nasal Surgery Recovery and “reduce side effects like swelling, scarring and infection.” Tests are currently done for the device in controlled trials. The team hopes to use the results when they seek approval from the FDA.

Technology Making Things Easier in the Medical and Plastic Surgery Field

logo (1)The article above is an example of how advancement in technology can help with medical and plastic surgery. At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, we offer a couple of rhinoplasty plastic surgery techniques to ensure what suits each patient. As a reminder, we still have our New Year’s specials going on for one more week, so check to see if you want to take advantage of it. If you need rhinoplasty or any other type of plastic surgery, contact Dr. Angelchik’s office to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Young Female Smokers and Common Breast Cancer Connection

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woman holding cigaretteThere is new research that suggests that young female smokers who “currently smoke and who have smoked one pack of cigarettes a day for 10 years or more” are at higher risk for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer – the most common form of breast cancer. This is comparison to women who have smoked for only a short period of time. The study of the connection between breast cancer and habitual smoking was recently published in the science and medicine journal Cancer.

10 Year Smoking Habit Increases Risk by 60%

The research was held at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington. The researchers brought in 778 women who had estrogen receptor-positive cancer, 182 women who had triple-negative breast cancer and 938 women who were cancer-free. Estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer is when breast cancer cells “have a significant number of receptors for estrogen” and is the type of cancer that is “more likely to respond to hormonal therapies.” Triple-negative breast cancer is more aggressive and not positive receptors for estrogen, progesterone or HER2. All the women in the study were between the ages of 20 and 44 years of age. Those with breast cancer in the study were diagnosed between 2004 and 2010. Each woman in the study were asked about their smoking history and questions related to smoking. Those who smoked more than 100 cigarettes in their lifetime had an increased risk of breast cancer by 30% overall as compared to the women who never smoked. The current or recent smokers and those “who had been smoking one pack of cigarettes a day for at least a decade” had an increased risk of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer by 60%. Also, the researchers “found no link between smoking in young women and the risk of triple-negative breast cancer.”

Importance of Looking After One’s Health and Body

The big take away from this study is there is no good reason to take up smoking; especially when it is linked to breast cancer. At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, we offer our expertise in breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and other body surgeries. Also, we still have our New Year’s specials going on for breast augmentation until February 28. If you are thinking about breast surgery or other body improvements, contact Dr. Angelchik’s office to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Breast Lift Surgery Story for Older Women

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Elisabeth Dale, founder of The Breast Life, had breast lift surgery about 10 years ago to restore her original breast shape after having a baby. The experience led to her writing a short story about it which led to bigger opportunities such as a “book deal, media attention and interviews.” It then launched her writing career and creating The Breast Life website. Her personal story does shed some light on what she found post breast lift surgery.

What Happened After Breast Surgery

Dale’s personal accounts after breast surgery are on the light-hearted side. She noticed that she had a case of “temporary exhibitionism” where she would show girlfriends her surgical results and felt it was easy to do since she felt her new lifted breasts “didn’t feel or look like” they belonged to her at first. Then, after a few months she got used to her new breasts as being a part of her and later “regretted some of this earlier, flashy behavior.” She had friends ask about her procedure, but she felt she could not openly talk about it as she found some viewed her decision as “self-indulgent, vain, or a bid for male attention,” but at the same time she found some camaraderie with other women who went through breast surgery. But, all in all, it took breast lift surgery to help her be more accepting of the “ongoing changes” of her aging breasts. Even in her post-menopausal stage in her life, she is much more accepting of herself and has no regrets getting the procedure done.

Positive Experiences After Plastic Surgery

logo (1)The example above shows how Plastic Surgery Procedures, as in this story breast lift surgery, can help improve a woman’s self-esteem and body acceptance. At Dr. Angelchik’s practice, we offer plastic surgery for the breast area such as breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and breast lift. As such, we still have our New Year’s specials going on until February 28, so check the flyer below for more information. If you are ready for breast surgery or another type of plastic surgery, contact Dr. Angelchik’s office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.



Plastic Surgery on the Rise Again

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With social media and entertainment press outlets pointing out and scrutinizing the latest in celebrity plastic surgery, such as Bruce Jenner’s, it is a sign that plastic surgery is on the rise. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the plastic surgery trend was low during the recession, but “that trend is reversing.”

Requests for Cosmetic Surgery Growing

The latest statistics from 2012 show that the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures are rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and face lifts. The largest increase was with “requests for face lifts and blepharoplasty.” The increase with blepharoplasty procedures might have to do with more people getting older around the eye area and want to remedy that with eye lid surgery. With Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery getting attention in the press and social media, “plastic surgery among men has become more accepted.” The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has found that “the number of men undergoing facial plastic surgery continues to rise, and our survey suggests there’s no sign of slowing down.” Some common reasons for more cosmetic surgery requests are staying competitive in the workplace and the dating world. With rhinoplasty, a lot of younger people, some teenagers, are seeking the procedure due to bullying.

Seek a Qualified Plastic Surgeon Who Can Fulfill Your Needs

logo (1)Whether you want younger looking eyes or a more sculpted body, Dr. Angelchik is a qualified plastic surgeon who can do small or large plastic surgery procedures. As a reminder, we still have the New Year’s specials going on until February 28, so be sure to take advantage of such a great deal. Also, Jana Dreebin has extended hours on March 1st, which is great for those who are too busy to attend her regular office hours. If you want to know if Dr. Angelchik is the right plastic surgeon for you, contact his office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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